5 tips for turning your heating back on after the summer

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As we head from summer into Autumn, there will no doubt be days when we might be tempted to sneak the heating on, to blow away the cold!

That’s fine, but we thought we’d share a few tips with you before you flick the switch and crank up the thermostat.

Test your heating now, before the cold nights start

If you’ve had your heating turned off for a while over the summer, it will be a good idea to fire it up now and again in a few weeks’ time, before the cold really sets in. This will help prevent blockages and corrosion, also it will indicate to you if you have any issues that need fixing such as faulty pumps or zone valves. 

Better to find out now you need some help, than when the cold has already set in.

Prepare to bleed your radiators

You won’t have noticed if air has got into your system as you won’t have put your heating on over the summer. As such, you might find you need to bleed your radiators to remove any air that has got into the system.

Bleeding the radiators ensures you get the maximum heat possible by removing excess air.

Don’t crank it up to 30 degrees just yet!

You might be tempted to go for a tropical climate, especially on a particularly cold night. But, before you do, we’d recommend you gradually increase the temperature a few degrees at a time.

Remove clutter around your boiler

Some boilers will be in cupboards or places where there is a build-up of clutter. Over the summer there may have been a build-up of household goods around the boiler, make sure to always keep the boiler clear of any clutter to allow for proper ventilation.

Does your boiler need a service?

If your heating is not operating as it should, it may need a service to clean and flush the system and diagnose any faults. Luckily, as both Gas Safe registered and Worcester Bosch accredited we’re qualified in servicing your boiler.

Feel free to contact one of our engineers to check whether a service will help. Call us on 07821 301287 or contact us and request a callback.

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