How to take care of your boiler at home

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No one likes a cold shower or waking up in a cold house in the winter. Taking care of your boiler is one way to make sure you’re never left in the cold. So, we’ve assembled a few tips for you to ensure your boiler lasts way beyond the guarantee.

Following these tips will also save you money by having and maintaining a healthy, fully functional boiler system.

  1. Check that there is adequate ventilation wherever your boiler is fitted. In a loft, make sure you don’t stack up old belongings near it, and in a cupboard, make sure it’s clear.

  2. In the summer, make sure you fire up your central heating for 10-15 minutes every few weeks to make sure any components, such as the pump don’t seize up when it’s not being used.

  3. Make sure you regularly service your boiler with a professional and accredited installer that is also Gas Safe registered. This will ensure any issues are picked up and dealt with. Services typically range from £60 – £85.

  4. Bleed your radiators regularly to remove excess air from your central heating system.

  5. Check that all vents and flues are free of obstructions both inside and outside of the house.

  6. If something doesn’t sound or seem right, call a professional to investigate the problem. Things rarely fix themselves and it’s better to be safe than sorry and be left with no heating or hot water.

  7. Keep a copy of your boiler manual close by your boiler. It’s handy to refer to if you need to diagnose any problems quickly yourself, and if you’re not sure then always call a professional.

  8. Check the pressure regularly. Boilers will lose pressure over time which can cause them to run inefficiently. Check the pressure gauge and top it up if necessary, your boiler manual (see point 7) should give you instructions, or once again, call in a professional such as me.

  9. Check the colour of the flame in your boiler, it should be a strong, clear blue (you might need some darkness to see this better). If it appears a yellowy or smoky colour these could be an issue and you should call in a professional immediately.

  10. Ensure you fit carbon monoxide detectors in your home and close by the boiler. And once fitted, make sure you test on a monthly basis to make sure they’re working.

That’s it, I hope you enjoyed reading those top ten tips. If ever you’re unsure it’s better to pick up the phone and ask than potentially have a no hot water or heating, or at worst a safety issue.

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