Why Your Boiler Needs an Annual Service?

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Has Your Boiler Had Its Yearly Service?

Have you gone multiple years without any boiler service or maintenance? If so, it’s time to hire professionals to check your boiler. Neglecting your boiler is a safety hazard, but it also puts your boiler system at risk for potentially costly damages and a poorly functioning heating system.

Instead of waiting any longer for boiler services, rely on Videtta Heating and Plumbing. We are your go-to boiler repair and servicing team for boiler repair services and tune-ups. Boilers require annual servicing, and our team of highly experienced and qualified gas engineers ensures excellent service from start to finish.

Why Does Your Boiler Need Yearly Service?

Your boiler requires a yearly service for multiple reasons, with the most significant one being safety. A maintenance service allows our engineers to inspect your boiler and catch potential safety hazards like carbon monoxide and gas leaks. If your boiler is leaking, a qualified engineer must resolve the problem.

In addition to safety, annual maintenance ensures your boiler system works correctly. A routine check-in allows a Gas Safe engineer to conduct tests that make sure every component of your boiler is working appropriately. If a part of your gas boiler is malfunctioning, we can provide a safe and effective repair.

The final reason for yearly boiler service is to prevent breakdowns. It’s not ideal to have your boiler stop working when it’s cold outside. Instead of waiting for this to happen, take control of your boiler system by opting for preventative maintenance.

Our boiler maintenance services involve checking various components to ensure that your boiler is ready for the upcoming seasons, including:

●       Ducts and seals

●       Pilot burner

●       Filter changes

●       Potential Leaks

●       Gas flow and pressure

●       Electrical and wiring

●       Adequate ventilation

●       Flue effectiveness

Benefits of a Boiler Service

There are considerable advantages to boiler servicing.

Lower Energy Bills

With the increased energy costs, many families want to find ways to cut back. One of the most significant advantages of routine boiler servicing is saving money on energy bills. Unfortunately, as boilers age, they work less efficiently, increasing utility costs. During an annual boiler maintenance service, a qualified engineer ensures all parts work effectively. This way, you know your unit is in the best condition to heat your home and water without spending extra money.

Increased Boiler Longevity

Most boilers last an average of ten to 15 years. However, when you neglect boiler service, this lifespan can decrease. Routine boiler maintenance can extend the life of your system by helping you avoid common system issues.

Addressing minor and less expensive repairs now means avoiding expensive solutions or premature replacements later.

More Consistent Temperatures

It’s frustrating when your home’s air and hot water are not warm enough during colder months. A notable benefit of boiler service is that your hot water will operate at maximum performance. As a result, your home‘s hot water and indoor temperature are always comfortable.

Peace of Mind

Finally, peace of mind is a crucial advantage of an annual boiler service. The experts at Videtta Heating and Plumbing provide thorough inspections during every boiler service. Instead of worrying about what specific noises, scents, and inconsistent temperatures mean, you should enlist the help of a qualified boiler engineer to inspect your boiler.

Call Videtta Heating and Plumbing on 07821 301287 serving Leighton Buzzard and the surrounding areas.

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Why Your Boiler Needs an Annual Service?

Has Your Boiler Had Its Yearly Service? Have you gone multiple years without any boiler service or maintenance? If so, it’s time to hire professionals